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The most important number...

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

It's December 18-one week from Christmas and a busy week it has been. On Monday evening, we hosted our first annual parking lot Christmas Party with families from Christ Cares for Kids. Members of our Christ Cares Ministries Board of Directors, Christ Church Staff, Christ Church Board, Creciendo Unidos leadership and friends gathered together to prepare and serve dinner, host games, make crafts and get to know 65 of the families who come to Christ Cares for Kids every month. Last week, we set a new record, with 130 families in just one week. Saturday, I had the joy of teaching Mental Health First Aid to many members of the community at large; people from many different walks of life and realms of experience who all came together on our campus to learn Mental Health First Aid and be better equipped to help the people in their lives. Today, we had our last food bank for 2019, serving 77 families in the Phoenix metro area, in partnership with St. Mary's Food Bank. Monday we were also blessed with over 40.000 diapers from the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona. Tomorrow evening, I will gather with a group of 11 women who are incredible caregivers of loved ones, half of whom are approaching their first Christmas without those they had been caring for. So many different numbers and yet, as I reflect back, not only over the week, but also the year, and the decade since Christ Cares Clinic first came into being, the most important number remains the number one. Each day God gives us, each moment we live, it is the life of the individual standing in front of you that matters most. I pray that in this busy season you will be looking for the divine appointments God makes for you every day. Who is it that needs you to listen? Who is it that needs you to care? Who is it that needs encouragement? Keep those divine appointments. If you don't, who will?

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