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You can make a difference today!!

120,000 diapers, 3,300 families, 100's of volunteer hours...these are just a few of the numbers that reflect this year at Christ Cares for Kids, one of our three ministries here at Christ Cares Ministries. We have remained open, in the midst of Covid, and are seeing ever increasing numbers of families. We receive thousands of diapers a year through the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona. The diaper bank is the only one of its kind in the state of Arizona and was started and continues to be run by an amazing mom and her daughters. They have distributed over half a million diapers this year and have provided us with about 60.000 of the 120,000 we have given to our families. I would like to encourage you to read on and to support their mission and ours through the Designated Charitable Organization Tax Credit program. Here's more from them...

When the pandemic hit Arizona, we saw a surge of families looking for help acquiring diapers. Every day since March, we have received calls from families struggling to get by. As Phoenix's only diaper bank, we have now distributed 615,000 diapers and 250,000 wipes. While we are proud of this number, the truth is the demand in our community is much greater than what we are even keeping up with.

Please consider making your 2020 AZ Charitable Tax Credit donation today so we can continue providing for those less fortunate - up to $400 for a single filer and $800 for a married couple filing jointly. You do not need to itemize your taxes to take advantage of this Arizona state tax credit. We simply cannot do the work that we do without our volunteers and generous donors. Thank you for keeping our mission alive!

Many agencies help families in need by providing food, shelter and clothing. The Diaper Bank of Central Arizona is the only Diaper Bank in the Phoenix area. Our mission is to collect and provide one million diapers per year to a wide range of non-profit organizations in the Valley. By supporting these agencies with diapers, they are able to focus their time and funds on their primary cause - helping families succeed. According to the last US Census, there are an estimated 42,000 children ages 0-3 in Maricopa County who are living in poverty and in need of assistance. Because we are nearly 100% run by volunteers, most of your donation will go towards purchasing diapers. These diapers are then distributed to our non-profit partner agencies around Phoenix who give them to families in need.

Please note that your donation qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit - up to $400 for an individual filer and $800 for a married couple filing jointly. The Diaper Bank of Central Arizona serves under the umbrella of the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona - the nation’s first diaper bank! The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, is a qualifying charitable organization. QCO Code- 20604. Please consult your tax advisor with questions.

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