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So, how ARE you doing?

This is a powerful question to ask-and an important one to answer. In this new climate of social distancing, this becomes an even more crucial question to ask often and to respond to honestly. How frequently is our answer to this question " fine"? How comfortable are we saying we aren't fine? Each of us need one or two ( or more ) important people in our lives with whom we can be open and honest, especially now when we find ourselves so much more isolated. Our kids need those important people in their lives, too, in addition to their parents. (This has actually been shown statistically to be the single most important protective factor to decrease the risk of mental illness in our adolescents. It is just as important for us, too.) So take time today to ask at least one person in your life, "How are you doing?". And if they say "fine", you might just want to repeat it with, "How are you REALLY doing?"...and be ready to listen well, to be fully present in the conversation and to point them in the direction of help and, how are you doing?

On our Resources page, there are links to many sources of help-and hope. For more information, you may also email us at

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