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2019 Update

God continues to move and grow the ministries of Christ Cares Ministries in a way that we could never have imagined. 2019 has been a record year so far for Christ Cares for Kids, with 40% more new families on average every month and 46% more families overall than in 2018. We continue to be a partner organization with the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona and have representatives from Parent Partners Plus on site every month. Christ Cares Ministries continues to offer Youth, adult and Higher Education Mental Health First Aid classes to individuals, schools, churches and organizations across Arizona as well as in California, Texas and Colorado. These life saving classes help teachers, ministry staff, co-workers, parents and anyone who has people in their lives learn more about mental health, mental illnesses and their warning signs, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, intervention steps that truly help and ways to decrease the stigma and increase hope in the lives of individuals and families.

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