Christ Cares Clinic is also thankful for the support of Christ Church Lutheran.  The members of Christ Church Lutheran have fulfilled so many needs through individual service and giving. We are blessed to have Christ Church Lutheran support us in our mission to serve our community. To learn more about Christ Church Lutheran and their mission and vision, please click the icon.

In December 2010, the Christ Cares Clinic was awarded a $35,000 three-year grant from Wheat Ridge Ministries. It is because of their support that the Christ Cares Clinic began and why Christ Cares Ministries exists today. Wheat Ridge Ministries has a long history of starting and supporting health and healing ministries within churches and communities and we are grateful for their generous support. We look forward to partnering with Wheat Ridge Ministries both now and in the future. To learn more about Wheat Ridge Ministries and their ongoing support of many health and healing ministries, please click the icon.  

The Christ Cares Clinic first opened in 2012 to offer Christ-centered healthcare primarily providing services of well care and maintenance of chronic health conditions. Our all-volunteer staff consisted of medical professionals including RNs, LPNs, MDs, and PT.  In 2016, Christ Cares Clinic adapted to changes in the ministry landscape by shifting focus away from being a licensed medical facility and transformed into Christ Cares Ministries purposed to promote, preserve, and restore the mental, physical, and spiritual health needs of the community. For more information about Christ Cares Clinic please click the icon.


VICE PRESIDENT Andrew Walquist

TREASURER Shannon Campbell




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4018 N 40th St Phoenix, AZ 85018

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